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Hi all, welcome to the first Tales From Alamut for 2014!

This week I’d like to show you one of the homemade scenarios that my friends and I have used to mix things up a bit in our games of Hell Dorado.

Creating a scenario to tell a specific story or fight a specific type of battle can give us a fresh outlook on our play styles and the companies we use. By making us use units in different ways, we also get to see what they are capable of in all sorts of different circumstances. Taking Nazir and 15 Blessed Warriors, while not within the composition rules and  unlikely to prove particularly competitive, can be a hell of a lot of fun!

These types of themed scenarios can be a breath of fresh air to a gaming group.

Night Raid

gotz von def

The Night Raid scenario is one my mates and I have been playing and tweaking for a little while now. We wanted to try out a scenario where one company is attacked suddenly while out on patrol by a numerically superior force. The defenders are unlikely to survive, but are simply trying to stay alive for as long as they can.

Choosing the Companies

We play this scenario with either Demons or Lost as attackers, trying to wipe out small forces of Westerners or Saracens. 

The Defender chooses a company following the company composition rules up to 200 AP. The Attacker chooses a company also up to a value of 200 AP, but only composed of Independents and Troops. No Officer for this one!

Special Rules

Defending units with ranged weapons are considered to have unlimited ammunition for those weapons with an Ammunition stat, and all defending unit weapons lose the Reloading disadvantage.

Fire those guns!

The Attacking company has the Swarm special ability (Core rulebook Pg 208), however the ability only applies to Troopers, not all non-unique units.

We often play Demons versus Saracens, and have had the most fun with the following companies:

The Attacker has: Infernal Ambassador, Succubus, Greater Damned of Wrath, three Damned of Wrath, two Damned of Gluttony, one Damned of Sloth and two Flesh Demons.

The Defender has: Nazir ibn Hamid ibn Hajjad, two Pillars of the Faith with Daggers, one Pillar of the Faith with Halberd, a Lancer, two Berber Hunters, two Blessed Warriors and a Dibbukim.

Deployment and Terrain

Terrain is placed using the standard Terraformation rules, with the exception of the three zones along the Defenders table edge. The Defenders deployment zone may have 2 points worth of terrain, and the Defender gets to place up to 4 points of non-unique terrain in each of the adjacent zones regardless of who actually won the three zones.

The Defender (Player A) deploys first in a zone 10 Fathoms by 10 Fathoms centered on their table edge. The Attacker (Player B) then deploys up to 5 Fathoms from their table edge. Units with Advance Deployment and Ambush are deployed as per normal.


The Attacker begins the game with Domination.


The game is played over eight turns with variable duration.

Victory Conditions

The Defender wins if their Officer survives the game. The Attacker wins if all the defending units are killed or Devoured. Any other result is a draw

It’s a brutal task for the defender, who in our games is yet to survive to the end, even with the ability to prepare the battlefield favourably and possessing reliable shooting. The Defender can’t afford for his independents to take too much damage fighting troopers before he can engage the enemy independents. However the Attacker doesn’t have it easy either- no Vae Victis or Vae Soli and very few Command points, with a long trudge into the teeth of the enemies guns. He needs to use the troopers as a shield to protect his independents as they close (especially the Great Damned of Wrath), but for every trooper lost,  another will run back towards the action next turn.

Thanks again for reading this week and let me know how you fare if you give Night Raid a go. It’s by no means balanced but it is a lot of fun trying to stem the tide of Damned Ones. Playing as the Defender a lot, it’s quite liberating knowing while your not likely to survive, at least you can take a lot of Damned Ones with you!

See you next time!


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      Ah! A new scenario! Lovely! I hope we will see even more in the future.

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