The Maw IV: Michael Legatus


This one has me really excited. A few weeks ago I got the preview image of the Michael Legatus sculpt and I was like “Oh man, I am definitely getting him.” I don’t really play westerners all that much, preferring the tricksiness of the Demons and the speed and mobility of the Lost, but Michael Legatus just knocks it out of the park for me in terms of aesthetics. Check him out.


Right, now that I’m done gushing, lets talk about what he does for your company. Legatus’ statline is fantastic. Boasting high movement, CBT, PR, FTH, and decent Command. His only minor failing is having an average defense stat for an officer at 4 and an average Westerner officer Life Point total at 12. What really sets him apart from other Westerners, though, is that he has no wounded state! Could this be indicative of a more supernatural element in Michael’s background?

Like all cavalry officers, Michael Legatus boasts a blazing speed of 6 with the Chaotic Charge special ability, enabling him to charge a massive 18 fathoms! Toss in the Elusive ability to enable him to pass through less important enemy control areas, and Michael has one of the best charge threat vectors around. And speaking of charges, Michael may just have the most powerful charge on any unit we’ve seen to date. Combining a massive threat range with a natural combat of 6 would be enough to make him threatening, but Michael also gets both the Fury special ability and the Eager ability on his weapons, meaning he actually gains dice when charging. Finally the new Impact rule causes him to do an additional point of damage any time he hits with a charge attack, making already powerful weapons downright brutal. A single hit from a charging Michael is enough to drop some troopers into the wounded state, and only three hits will kill many outright.

Unlike most Westerner officers, Michael’s orders are cheap and revolve more around his own combats, so to provide some boon to his company, Michael sports the Charisma and Inspiration abilities. Charisma lets him effectively improve the combat skills of your troopers while you wait for the right opportunity to charge, while Inspiration ensures that even in death, your company will still have at least one command point to keep your force mobile. Leader rounds out his support abilities, enabling you to fill your company with cheap troopers to bog down your opponent’s company while setting Michael up for the charge.

Last, before I get to his orders I should mention another thing he shares with Georg, and that is Arch Enemy 2. While Georg hates Saracens more than most, Michael is all about slaying demons. Though it can be worrying to give powerful demons like the Great Damned of Wrath +1 CBT against your Defense 4 Officer, the extra 2 CBT Michael gains on attacks against Luciferians will really make him shine when you take his orders into account.

Both of Michael’s orders benefit him directly and are entirely about combat. In addition, his unique order only costs 1 permanent command and his secondary order is a permanent, active effect, making him incredibly command efficient. His Unique order, Slay the Snake, is what changes him from threatening to terrifying. For the cost of one permanent command, Michael Legatus turns his next combat sequence into a one sided attack in his favor! Now imagine that powerful charge of his crashing into an enemy demon, rolling 9 dice without even using Vae Victus, doing a maximum of 11 damage, and him not suffering a scratch in return! Even against powerful demons like the Great Damned of Wrath or the Great Damned of Pride, Michael maintains firm control of the combat because of this order. Should the demon counter attack on its next activation, Michael will still be rolling 8 dice before Vae Victus and have a substantial lead in the attrition fight.

Michael’s other order makes him an incredible tool for assassinating enemy officers. Latin for “Who is like God?” Quist ut Deus enables Michael to punish powerful non-christian or Muslim officers for their hubris by capping their maximum defense against him at 4. This effect is applied after all modifications are totaled to the opponent’s defense, meaning few enemy officers can rely upon high defense tactics to save them from Legatus’ blades. Though somewhat situational, the order insures that Michael will always be able to put the hurt on, even against the most tenacious foes.

Overall, Michael Legatus is the quintessential “Lead from the Front” kind of officer. Relying upon his devastating alpha strike and impressive armor and faith scores to protect him as he wades into enemy ranks. Defeating him will be a monumental task for the forces that oppose New Jerusalem!

Michael Legatus is scheduled to release the April, so start planning your company now!

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