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The Maw V: Nasser abd er Rahman

Hey look, another picture of the actual model instead of just concept art! Woo! This one’s a beautiful sculpt for the Saracen faction, and as the main protagonist of the faction’s story arc, Nasser abd er Rahman has the goods to deliver victory to the armies of The One. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

Molding Rocks

Hi all, welcome to another Tales From Alamut! Hell Dorado is a game that can require a lot of terrain. Through the vagaries of the terraformation phase, a battlefield can potentially have as many as 30 points of terrain to place. This means players may need to rely on the generic elements like rocks, stalagmites, [...]

The Maw IV: Michael Legatus

This one has me really excited. A few weeks ago I got the preview image of the Michael Legatus sculpt and I was like “Oh man, I am definitely getting him.” I don’t really play westerners all that much, preferring the tricksiness of the Demons and the speed and mobility of the Lost, but Michael [...]

Tales from Alamut: Night Raid Scenario

  Hi all, welcome to the first Tales From Alamut for 2014! This week I’d like to show you one of the homemade scenarios that my friends and I have used to mix things up a bit in our games of Hell Dorado. Creating a scenario to tell a specific story or fight a specific [...]

The Maw III: Efrit Warriors

Happy New Year! The Inferno book is in my hands right now and it is glorious! So we’re going to kick off the year with some more Hell Dorado goodness in today’s deCiphered. We’ve known what these guys were going to look like for a while now, but with the delivery of the Hell Dorado [...]

Tales From Alamut: Quetzalcoatl Tactics

Hi all, welcome to the last installment of Tales From Alamut for the year! With the recent sighting of Quetzalcoatl’s painted mini, I thought I’d take a look at how he plays, and some of the tactics you can use to your advantage when playing the big guy.

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All hail…

The Maw 2: Infernal Crusher

Welcome back to The Maw, where I discuss the tactical options that are newly becoming available to Hell Dorado players with the release of Inferno. Today we’re going to talk about my favorite trooper in the book and the subject of my title banner, the Infernal Crusher.

Terraformation 101

Hi all, welcome to another installment of Tales From Alamut. This week I’d like to discuss the basics of the terraformation phase in Hell Dorado, and some ways a player can use terrain to their companies advantage.  

The Maw 1: Corvus Harriers

As we moved into the final stretch of proofing and editing for Hell Dorado: Inferno in September, I found myself more and more devoting my game time to Hell Dorado. As a result I decided to create a new series for this blog, focusing on the tactical options that new players and old alike will [...]