The Return!

Rejoice! The long weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day have come to an end, and we at deCiphered are back! We hope you all had an excellent holiday season, and we hope you enjoy our next set of articles and write ups.

In the spirit of the season, I come to you now bearing gifts! Like the fat, red elf himself I descend from on high to bring you lots of gaming goodness in the form of previews of some very highly anticipated models that will be coming soon to a friendly, local game store near you!


First up we’ve got the much anticipated Theurgia, Wissenschaft’s newest Gear!

And second, the lovely new female Church agent to add some variety to your team!

Matt will be here with the new Tales from Alamut painting article on Monday. Keep an eye here over the next few weeks because we have lots of awesome new releases and great new stuff to share with you all!


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