Into the Breach III: Building Samael


Welcome back to Into the Breach. Today, I’m going to be covering Samael. Samael is one of the more flexible organizations in Anima Tactics. I’ve heard it said that there are no truly bad lists for Samael, and most their options stack up well when viewed next to other units of the same cost. A major part of this is that nearly every unit in the organization has access to have some sort of ranged attack. This means Samael can lay down a hail of shots in the early game, whittling down opponents from afar, turning the act of crossing the field into a deadly proposition.


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    The Maw V: Nasser abd er Rahman


    Hey look, another picture of the actual model instead of just concept art! Woo! This one’s a beautiful sculpt for the Saracen faction, and as the main protagonist of the faction’s story arc, Nasser abd er Rahman has the goods to deliver victory to the armies of The One.

    Nasser abd er Rahman

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      Hobbyist Tactics Part 32: The Hills Have Eyes


      Welcome Back Everyone!

      Today our focus will be on making terrain for your game table, which fits wonderfully with Matt’s Molding Rocks Tutorial.
      Specifically, we will be building some hills so your games aren’t all played on one plane, thus forcing you to adapt and develop new strategies!

      To make you hills, you will need:
      • a dust mask
      • SM insulation foam (available at hardware and building supply stores)
      • a utility knife
      • a Styrofoam cutter or hot knife
      • sandpaper
      • white glue
      • toothpicks
      • sand
      • paints of your choice (that match your flock)
      • modeling flock

      First, decide what kind of hills or landscapes you plan to make.

      One nice way to get a lot out of your terrain, is to make it modular. If you make several pieces that can either fit on top of each other or be used on their own, you get a lot more variety in your games. I very much enjoy making elaborate pieces of scenery but the trap there is that sometimes your games tend to end up playing out the same way, as a static piece of scenery is used over and over…

      In any case, I will be walking you through both ideas!

      First, layered hills.

      Take a piece of the foam, and roughly cut out the shape you want, with either your utility knife or hot knife. I find it easier to cut a block out, then use the Styrofoam cutter to shape it nicely.
      Repeat this process, making smaller pieces as you go.

      Three layers are probably a good start.

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        Molding Rocks


        Hi all, welcome to another Tales From Alamut!

        Hell Dorado is a game that can require a lot of terrain. Through the vagaries of the terraformation phase, a battlefield can potentially have as many as 30 points of terrain to place. This means players may need to rely on the generic elements like rocks, stalagmites, and the like to fill the board. Today I want to look at the method I have used to produce some realistic rock terrain pieces using the silicone molding technique I used previously to make stalagmite terrain. You can check out that tutorial here.

        Because I wanted to mold real rock, I needed to find some! Raiding the garden turned out to be a futile effort, turning up nothing of suitable size. In the end I visited the local landscaping supply depot; for a modest cost you can purchase large rocks for gardens. I walked away with a bag of rocks suitably sized for terrain.

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          Into the Breach II: Toxicology


          Welcome back to Into the Breach. In this entry, we are going to focus on the Azur Alliance. The Azur Alliance fills a unique roll in terms of factions. It is fairly light on powerhouses, with Arbiters being the obvious exceptions, but as a faction, they fill a roll of having a great amount of choice of light, fast units that can dish out attacks far faster then the opponent can dodge. Even better, in my opinion, is the ease with with the Alliance can poison threatening enemy units, thus limiting their options, and giving every action a price in blood.

          The star of any Azur list that wants to rely on Poison is Wolfgang Metzger. With his ability to double the poison damage on all units within his Control Zone, poisoned attacks, and a special attack that raises his poison threat to 16, he really shines. As a crucial component to a poison list, Wolfgang is best kept defended, and if at all possible backed up to avoid his getting double teamed. His built-in ability to Blind anyone in base contact is useful, but not something that can be relied on.

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            The Maw IV: Michael Legatus


            This one has me really excited. A few weeks ago I got the preview image of the Michael Legatus sculpt and I was like “Oh man, I am definitely getting him.” I don’t really play westerners all that much, preferring the tricksiness of the Demons and the speed and mobility of the Lost, but Michael Legatus just knocks it out of the park for me in terms of aesthetics. Check him out.

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              Hobbyist Tactics Part 31: PROMETHEA

              hobbyist-tactics-bannerWelcome to 2014, and the newest installment of Hobbyist Tactics! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season!

              Today we will be doing another step-by-step, featuring Promethea from the Black Sun starter set. She is a miniature with a lot of attitude, she definitely has a smug air about her. As heir to one of the most influential families in Gaïa, she doesn’t seem to be concerned with all that much, aside maybe being exceedingly fashionable… Promethea looks like she’d be right at home on stage at either a runway show or a wild concert.

              Painting Promethea, I used:
              • dark brown
              • dark flesh
              • light flesh
              • Black
              • dark grey
              • light grey
              • purple
              • ivory
              • tan brown
              • bright silver
              • coal black
              • turquoise
              • black ink

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                Tales from Alamut: Night Raid Scenario



                Hi all, welcome to the first Tales From Alamut for 2014!

                This week I’d like to show you one of the homemade scenarios that my friends and I have used to mix things up a bit in our games of Hell Dorado.

                Creating a scenario to tell a specific story or fight a specific type of battle can give us a fresh outlook on our play styles and the companies we use. By making us use units in different ways, we also get to see what they are capable of in all sorts of different circumstances. Taking Nazir and 15 Blessed Warriors, while not within the composition rules and  unlikely to prove particularly competitive, can be a hell of a lot of fun!

                These types of themed scenarios can be a breath of fresh air to a gaming group.

                Night Raid

                gotz von def

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                  The Maw III: Efrit Warriors


                  Happy New Year!

                  The Inferno book is in my hands right now and it is glorious! So we’re going to kick off the year with some more Hell Dorado goodness in today’s deCiphered.

                  We’ve known what these guys were going to look like for a while now, but with the delivery of the Hell Dorado Kickstarter rewards, we’ll actually be seeing these guys hit the table quite a bit in the coming days. So what do these little 15 point flame dancers do for your company? Turns out, quite a bit.

                  Efrit Warriors

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                    Games & Gears Battle Board Kickstarter in It’s Final Hours!

                    If you haven’t picked up your battle boards from the Games & Gears Battle Boards Kickstarter now is the time.  The Kickstarter has awesome deals and you’ll get them before they hit retail.  The boards are perfect for your Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado games.  Designed to work perfectly with your existing 3d terrain, the boards are a great addition to your scenery collection. They come pre-based for use as is or ready to be custom painted to your specific desire.